Mobile Detailing and Washing Etiquette

Professional mobile detailing professionals in Greencastle, PA must wash an automobile before they can detail it. We must wash the vehicle with water unless Dry Wash n’ Guard is used. This can cause problems so you need to be careful with mobile detailing Greencastle and parking lot etiquette. Washing vehicles should be done in a manner that blocks as many cars as possible. You should be able to see people approaching cars from buildings. They may either want to discuss washing their car or are going to leave it in their car. You can tell if they are moved by the way they move.

It is usually easy to tell which one it is. If they have their keys in hand, they are leaving. If they have money, they want a car wash. You might ask them if they’re walking toward you. They’ll say:

  • I won’t leave; I just want my car washed.
  • It’s possible, I believe.
  • Would you be able to move? ;

How can you wash your cars without getting them wet?

If they asked, “Could your please move?” If they said “Could you please move?” or “Yes, Sorry”, just say “Yes!” You can move now. Then move. You can ask, “Can it be done?” If it isn’t a problem, then move. Nine out of ten, they will say “Yes, don’t worry” or “No problem.” Smile and say thanks.

At twenty-thirty feet, this conversation should be had. They will be more open to you asking them if they are going. They may already be confident to deal with any problem if you wait. You can take the wind out of your sails and make them feel like a victim of kindness.

Potential Spray

You can park your truck in the middle of the car you are washing or between the cars. If you happen to spray water too much, no one will be able to see your truck and run off. The de-ionized water will eventually dry out and nobody will know because there won’t be any water spots. You can also spray your vehicle towards the car as a shield, directing water towards it and allowing it to flow onto another car. Non-professional auto detailers are often thrown out of parking lots because they overspray cars and cause trouble for car owners. If you think about it, a good stop along a route can generate quite a lot of cash.

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